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The DESADV (Dispatch advice message) is the electronic variant of the packing slip and therefore the Electronic Packing Slip.
This EDI message includes all data of a shipment. The briefest version of this EDI message only contains information about who sends the package, who receives it, at what time and for each product line there is a product code (usually in EAN (GTIN) form) and a number.
The extended version, which is currently increasing in popularity, contains information per pallet, including SSCC codes, a list of all products on the pallet with corresponding expiration dates and batch codes, not forgetting and also very interesting, the packaging numbers.

The message is usually sent from a manufacturer (supplier) to a customer (client, retailer). When a logistics service provider is involved in the transportation they also send the message (on behalf of the supplier) to the customer. And if the manufacturer sends goods to the logistics service provider, the manufacturer can use such a message to notify them.


  • Sender announces the shipment (even the date can be given)
  • Receiver is able to check all data before goods arrive (if necessary, shipment can be refused before transport starts)
  • Receiver is able to prepare processes before arrival

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About EDI

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is a standard for the -automated- exchange of data between the information systems of companies. Basically without any human intervention.
It is a form of "electronic business" which is especially used for frequent transactions.

If you already use a logistic or ERP application, it is required to purchase EDI tools in order to create "EDI messages" and to be able to communicate.

I would be happy to help you start, optimize or renew your processes and EDI interfaces.
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Click here for more information about my EDI services